Co-packing is a service which means creation of sets of goods, limited in its configurations only by the imagination of our customers.

Frequent and common practice, which is required by demanding customers, is the need to make  packaging of final product attractive, corresponding to a temporary market need or to adapt our customer’s finished products to the requirements of retailers, end users, and ongoing promotional campaigns.

Referring to these needs we combine materials and products in appropriate manner according to the requirements of our customers. We offer our business partners a full range of co-packing including:

  • labeling – each product receives a label which includes required information,
  • inserting – placing leaflets, warranty cards, manuals, etc. inside the packaging or pasting gadgets, samples
  • promotional sets preparation,
  • repacking,
  • sorting products,
  • preparation of so-called multipacks (including expiry dated, numbers of  a series of sub-products),
  • arrangement of so-called exhibition stands –  composition of finished store displays, generally consisting of a variety of goods arranged on the stands (plastic or cardboard).

All co-packing services can be done in our warehouse, as well as in warehouses of our customers.