Comprehensive warehouse logistics

Comprehensive warehouse logistics (or “contract logistics”) in opposite to simple storage, it is a long-term and comprehensive management of warehouse operations, and often management of  central warehouse of customer who has decided to outsource logistics services.

In other words, it is a flexible, comprehensive management of our customers goods, according to their dispositions. Management includes goods for production, finished products, packaging, advertising and promotional materials, along with their records and complete control as well as with additional services, like e.g.:  orders combining, repacking, labelling, foiling, supplementing products with additional elements (e.g. manuals) , promotional campaigns handling, preparation for distribution and many others.

Shipments prepared in this way are delivered to customers – shops, supermarkets, warehouses or factories, often in a strictly defined time schedule – just in time.

Professional contract logistics is based on a computer system prepared to manage the warehouse operations (WMS – Warehouse Management System). The system, through the use of RF technology  (Radio Frequency) reflects  real-time of movement of goods at the warehouse, constantly monitors stocks levels, manages goods at the warehouse and indicates their location, manages the warehousemen operations, sends orders to people responsible for combining deliveries. In brief, it enables to monitor and manage warehouse operations, flows of goods and deliveries behind a desk.

WMS enables also starting the direct communication EDI, which operates  on a basis of  interface, allowing safe reflection of all warehouse operations in the systems used by the customers (ERP, MES, TMS and others).

Our comprehensive logistics service is based primarily on the specialized personnel, up-to date know-how and modern machines. As the owners of the warehouse, we have possibility to arrange storage infrastructure in any way, what in combination with knowledge and specialized staff gives us great opportunities.

All these solutions definitely reduce the time of each operation and eliminate the risk of errors and divergences.

As a part of comprehensive warehouse logistics we provide:

  • unloading of goods (automatic or manual e.g. containers unloading),
  • receiving of goods including quality control,
  • recording at WMS storage system,
  • racking distribution system (current control of stocks, expiry dates),
  • additional services such as labeling, promotional sets preparation and others,
  • combining of goods according to recipients orders,
  • checking and protecting the cargo for carriage,
  • distribution (under partnership agreement deliveries of full loads and small consignments within the area of EU, Russia and Ukraine, including scheduled, daily connection with Ukraine for small consignments),
  • processing of returns, traceability.