We do not let our customers spend more money than necessary, hence we provide well-coordinated cross-docking service with other carriers. The essence of this operation is to collect the goods from multiple points, or in contrary: receiving shipments from a particular point and to be able to deliver it later to one recipient (in the first case) or to arrange  distribution to various locations (the second solution). Because of that the goods are not stored in a warehouse, what allows to lower costs in the supply chain.

We provide:

  • consolidation of cargo – each part of the cargo is delivered to the warehouse from various sources, if it is required, the goods are stored for a short-term in a warehouse until the completion of full load, what allows for significant optimization of transport costs.
  • deconsolidation of cargo – individual units delivered to warehouse as full load are received by multiple recipients or are received at different time intervals.
  • direct reload.

Our professional reloading  dock and warehouse equipment enables us to handle most types of vehicles and their loads.

consolidation of cargo
direct reload