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The modern and convenient warehouse of more than for 12 thousand. m2 of high storage area. The offer adjusted to diverse needs of “big, medium and small” customers.

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Comprehensive warehouse logistics

Warehousing, distribution, integrated IT system, electronic data processing, orders and documentation management , special additional services in one professional Logistics Centre Rogoźnica.

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Reslogistic offers: packing, re-packing, labeling, filling, promotional sets preparation and other non-standard services within co-packing.

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With Reslogistic:

  • all logistics operations take place at one location
  • you will reduce your costs even up to 40%
  • you pay for a precisely specified service
  • you can be sure about the safety of the goods stored
  • you have direct online access to information and all data
  • you are assured that we will adjust to comply your needs
  • we give you the assurance of effectiveness and best service
  • you have comprehensive control and monitoring of all processes
  • you gain support of the best professionals in their business
  • you can be sure that we will take care of every detail
  • all services are always completed on time
  • we meet all legal requirements


Excellent location

PSTP Aeropolis Economic Zone S2 Rogoźnica neighbours Rzeszów, is located in Rogoźnica in the community of Głogów Małopolski, at a distance of approx. 5 km from the international airport Rzeszów-Jasionka, with convenient access from the south by national road no. 9, close to the junction A4 / S19.


Professional staff

We guarantee delivery of outsourced operations on time: from logistics service to preparation of goods for shipment. Our services are provided in a comprehensive way and because of that you are optimizing your costs and saving valuable time. We are the best in our business, what is confirmed by all of our previous projects – We haven’t had disappointed customers so far.


Social activity

Our commitment to CSR is expressed by various fields of our activity. We care about the environment through the use of the latest technological solutions. We are actively engaged in promotion of healthy lifestyles among children, adolescents and adults. We invest in human resources, the environment protection and relations with stakeholders who can have a real impact on the efficiency of economic activity and its innovation.



We minimize storage costs and stocks of distributed goods. We reload and send our customer’s goods directly to their customers. Our professional reloading dock and warehouse equipment enables us to handle most types of vehicles and their loads.


Modern equipment

Our Logistics Center is not only the professional and flexible staff, but also the most modern equipment available on the market and solutions (e.g. : energy-efficient storage Class A +, dust-free floors, automatic fire protection system, airflow heating), computer systems (including WMS) and ISO and HACCP systems, what ensure world class services.

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