About us

Reslogistic is a strong local brand, operating in the field of warehouse logistics. Company headquarters and warehouse are located in Rogoźnica Logistics Park, 10 km from Rzeszów, by the national road no. 9 and just 700 meters from the A4 motorway junction.

We are the leader in warehouse logistics sector in south-eastern Poland and strong local brand, setting standards in the industry. We are a trustworthy partner with a stable base. We don’t passively follow the trends – we create them.

Streamlining of logistics processes and access to quick and comprehensive information is a precondition for optimal business policy in every company. We fully understand that and we meet these needs by opening the most modern warehouse class A +, of the area of ​​13 000 m² in Rogoźnica Logistics Park – 10 km from Rzeszów.

We understand the changes taking place in modern world. That’s why we use the most advanced know-how because we are here to build a competitive advantage to our business partners by reducing the cost of their operations by even up to 40%.

We are aware of the need for cooperation with our immediate environment. That is why we care about supporting local business development, we support local cultural and social initiatives, we cooperate with the local community.

Reslogistic brand grows out of the family business Rybexim Sp. z o o, which origins are dated back to year 1995 and included property development business for warehouse and office space and production activities and also since 1999  warehouse and logistics services for Żywiec Group.

Today Rybexim Logistics Group – owner of the Reslogistic brand – manages two own logistics parks of total area of ​​28 000 m² and provides logistics services for Żywiec Group in five locations in Poland.

We combine many years of experience in implementation of demanding projects with modern technical facilities and know-how. All tasks are performed by a team of specialists, who have access  to  the most modern technologies and are supported by a professional WMS storage system.

We are developing in dynamic way.  We are willing to give our customers more options, and that is why we build another logistics centres, which will offer modern warehouse space.

Coming from a reliable, family-owned company, we are keeping individual approach to the ongoing projects, credibility and responsibility for delegated tasks.


Why Reslogistic?

Choosing the right logistic partner is a very strategic decision.
We like to present you the key features of our offer:

Our team

Our key asset is a team of dedicated and responsible people, who are taking care of entrusted processes every day. We have extensive experience in large scaled projects and operations, contract logistics and short term storage. We support and complement our client’s businesses. We are extremely flexible, understanding the needs of our clients and taking care to carry out quality and logistics services accordingly.

Storage infrastructure

We have one of the best located warehouses, right in the heart of the region. High racking storage warehouse, class A, fully equipped with modern equipment, which guarantees safety, hygiene and perfectly stored goods. We take care of your wares for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The immediate vincity of industrial zones and the availability of perfect transport infrasturcture (the location of the national road No 9, and in a distance of 700 meters from the A4 motorway and S19 junction) enables to shorten the delivery time to the warehouse, as well as a quick and timely distribution.

IT systems

For effective handling of the warehouse processes, we have implemented a professional system called WMS.

The system is the electronical heart of the warehouse, optimizing the management of all works around and inside the warehouse, ensuring that our employees fulfill tasks with precision. The advantage of using an advanced computer system is allowing each client permanent access to his inventory, reports and the ability to order basic operations online. WMS is allowing the direct communication with EDI, which allows to monitor and manage any operations within the warehouse by using Your own system  (like ERP, MES, TMS and others).

Comprehensive offer

We provide comprehensive support for all logistic processes out of one hand. Besides storage service we are offering a wide range of additional services, like labeling, inserting, creation of promotional kits and much more. An interesting proposition is the shipment service named cross-docking, where goods are delivered to the warehouse and directly dealt with and sent further to intermediate storage in the warehouse, until delivery of the other goods to a recipient.


Our comprehensive range of storage services is complemented by our transport who are realizing national and international transports.

As part of the collaboration , our customers benefit from direct access to daily cargo transport within the country and international traffic ( including direct collective goods transport connection to Ukraine ) .